About Us

Where Art Meets Speed!

DuSold Designs is a shop that strives to combine form and function, offering fabrication, mechanical, paint, body, carbon fiber, and much more!


Owner: Mike Dusold

 Mike was born into car culture and is extremely passionate about custom cars.  Mike has his own 67 Camaro that he races extensively and has competed in events like Holley LS Fest, The Pike's Peak International Hill Climb and the Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car.


Co-Owner: Pam Dusold

 Pam is the shop Mom that keeps everyone together and handles many logistical tasks including all of the shops financial work.  She wasn't born into a car family but has developed a deep love for car culture and the racing community.


Paint: Bert

 Robert is a color matching and paint expert that has been working with the company for 11 years.


Auto Technician: Leroy

Leroy is our go to for all classic car diagnosis.  Being a tech with 30+years experience he has seen it all at this point!  He is also a car enthusiast and die hard Ford fan with a Fox body drag car and a 68 Mustang Coupe in his stable.


Fabricator: Shon

 Shon is our sheet metal forming guru and long time car enthusiast with a few really cool projects of his own including a led sled Dodge.

Body Tech: Lee

  Lee is our go to guy for making body panels laser straight and gaps even as well and "skinning" parts in carbon fiber or modifying existing carbon and fiberglass parts.


Mike's  Manager: Brielle

  A long time family friend of the DuSold's Brielle started at the shop for part time work during college which has turned into a career as our Project planner, labor


Parts Manager: Hector

 Hector was a long time employee of Dallas Mustang and has been with Dusold Designs since the closure of his former employer closed up shop.  He has over 25 years of experience in the classic and aftermarket parts business and is the cornerstone of our parts department.


Fabricator: David

  David is an extremely experienced fabricator and is our go to guy for custom brackets and mounting solutions.


Marketing/Social Media: Cole

Cole handles our online presence and helps with brand development.  He was born in the car scene and is a passionate enthusiast that is currently building a radical center drive, mid engine Chevy Luv.



Fabricator: Kyle

 Kyle is our tubing and chassis specialist and builds everything from full chassis's to exhaust systems and turbo kits.  Kyle is a rally racer who has been successful on the national level and is currently building an EVO.



Fabricator: Darwaz

 Darwaz does sheet metal replacement, rust repair and general fab.  His enthusiasm for cars is a bit eclectic and his most popular ride to date is his "Uncle Rico" edition antique Dodge camper van.


Parts Assistant: Brianna

Brianna has been around the shop her entire life and after completing her degree in operations and supply chain management has joined the family business to keep tabs on all of the parts and materials that make these projects work!  


CAD Design: Logan 

Logan found a passion for engineering from a very young age. He now is in charge for all of the scanning, modeling, and 3D printing at the shop, along with his side business of doing it for various companies across the USA.


Apprentice Technician: Forrest 

Forrest started as our shop helper, but quickly became useful in disassembly and reassembly on various projects. He grew up racing with his dad and found a passion for autocrossing his BMW as well as photography.


Fabricator: Will 

Will started working on cars at a young age with his dad, which grew his passion for collision repair work. After working in collision repair for 8 years, Will found a love for metal shaping and fabrication. He is currently building an Iroc-Z Camaro to race.



Porter/Apprentice: Chance

Chance grew up in Arizona working with his Uncles and Grandpas at their restoration shop. In 2013, he moved to Texas to pursue a career of working on racecars which led him to us. Chance is now starting to help with Composites as well as maintenance on vehicles here.